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A protest on the grand scheme of things


Minister of Art started the lifelong performance HopArt in 2002 and it has been a continiuum project ever since. Jumps has been carried out in performances around the world courtesy of Ministry of Art & Jump.


To go jump in the lake is the ultimate protest. Every HopArt jump is performed as a protest against the scheme of things. A protest list is presented and the audience can list things they would like to protest against. When the jump is carried out the problems are solved.


HopArt has also been interpreted as a reflection over the scape-goat phenomena. In fact the Minister has been referred to as the jumping Jesus... 



HopArt Tour:


HopArt goes to Norrbotten August 1-18.


London (England), Serpentine Lake Hyde Park 2012-07-15. PoliNation 2nd International Micro Nation Conference. Video - Images


Eslöv (Sweden), Trollsjön 2011-05-28. Kulturskolans Dag. Video - Images


Ladonia. (Arild, Sweden). 2010-07-31. Nimis 30 years, "Anschluss". Video -


Uppsala (Sweden), Friction Performance Festival. 2010-06-12 - Video 1 + Video 2


Eslöv (Sweden), Trollsjön - Trollsjöparken. 2010-05-29 Cancelled


Hammenhög (Sweden), LUR Performance festival. 2009-09-11 - Images


Växjö (Sweden), Bergkvara Gård. 2007-09-08 - Video - Images


Victoria (Canada), Inner Harbor - Open Space. 2007-07-09 - Video - Images


Kelowna (Canada), Okanagan Lake - Alternator. 2007-07-28 - Images


Vancouver (Canada), Granville Loop Park - 536. 2007-06-20 - Video - Images


Eslöv (Sweden), Town Square. 2006-09-19


Ladonia. (Arild, Sweden). 2006-07-29


Helsingborg (Sweden), Inner Harbor. 2006-07-16 - Images


Ladonia. (Arild, Sweden). 2005-07-31


Kalmar (Sweden), Kalmar Art Museum. 2004-08-28 - Images


Ladonia (Arild, Sweden). 2004-08-01


Upperud (Sweden), Dalslands Museum.  2004-05-23 - Images


Helsinki (Finland), Harakka Island - Amorph!03. 2003-08-31 - Images - Video


Gothenburg (Sweden), Bältesspännarparken. 2003-08-16 - News Article


Malmö (Sweden),  Harbor canal. 2002-09- 28 - News Article + Article 2


Vänersborg (Sweden), Harbor canal. 2002-09-22 - Images


Vänersborg (Sweden), Harbor canal. 2002-08-31 - News Article - Images


Trollhättan (Sweden), river Göta /Trollhättan canal. 2002-08-24 - Article - Images


Mölle (Sweden), Inner harbor. 2002-07-27 - Images


Ladonia. (Arild, Sweden). 2002-07-20 + 21 - Images


Borås (Sweden), river Viskan. 2002-07-18 - News Article - Images








Trollhättan (Sweden), Trial - News Article - Images




HopArt in Mölle, Sweden



HopArt in Helsinki, Finland (Video)



HopArt in Kelowna, Canada




HopArt in Exhibition: