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Worlds Longest


The project Worlds Longest Street-painting (Världens längsta gatumålning), was carried out June 4 in 2011 in Eslöv. After 3 hours of painting it provided Eslöv with a temporary art-piece with a total length of 209 meters (2,50x209 meters).

The Artist/Minister had 100 assistants to help create the masterpiece. The painting depicts a train meandering it's way along Norregatan (North street) in Eslöv which was barred for all traffic during the painting. It also so happened that the barred street wasn't long enough. The streetpainting train-set had to make a full 180 degree turn and snake it's way back and use the other half of the street as well. Our initial plans end hopes for 150 meter (165 yards) was sincerely fulfilled. The painting totaled 209 meters! (228 yards).


Videos from the painting:




Video 1 - In the making


Video 2 - Completed




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