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ARCHIVE is an art-research project about the unknown history of the little obscure town of Eslöv, and has the subtitle ESLÖV BY THE SEA. The town of Eslöv has suffered an unfortunate reputation for being the most boring town of Sweden. This was once uttered on prime time national television by the author and globetrotter Hans Ostelius - and the damage was, once and for all, done. The fact that Mr Ostelius later tried to correct himself (he meant another swedish town) did in fact nothing to help... As a little boy growing up this "fact" even made me lie (!) about where I decended from. It was first as an adult I came to terms with the fact and came clean about my heritage...


It so happens that when the art-research commenced, fantastic finds started to surface in and from the Archive. The unknown history of the little town has been distorted and censored during the years. It seems the little town of Eslöv was once situated by the not so long-gone sea and was the cultural hub around which everything was spinning. It seems Eslöv played a very important role as a cradle for almost all modern western culture. It also happens to be the home- and birth-town of the Minister of Art.


The Archive project was originally planned to be released in 6 parts, each with a certain theme. However the project has been growing during the research work...


NEW! Exhibition catalogues added for Archive 1 & 2 in pdf (Swedish only). Hard copies can be purchased from the Ministry. Contact ministry via e-mail



ARCHIVE I - Exhibition - Exhibition (Lighthouse) - Exhibition catalogue (Swe only, pdf) (2005)


ARCHIVE - Landart - The Floating Islands  (2005)


ARCHIVE - Performance - Beachvolley  (2005)


ARCHIVE II - Exhibition - Exhibition images  - Exhibition catalogue (Swe only, pdf) (2006)

ARCHIVE III - Exhibition - Exhibition images  - Show & Screening (SE and CA) (2006 & 2007)


ARCHIVE - Sculpture - The Eiffel Tower in Eslöv (2006)


ARCHIVE IV - Exhibition - Exhibition (Civic Hall of Eslöv) (2007)


ARCHIVE - Sculpture - Beach life (the Boardwalk) (2008)


ARCHIVE V - Exhibition  Exhibition images - Videos - (29/11, 2009 - 28/2, 2010)


ARCHIVE - Sculpture -  The Pier - Images - Video (TV-report) - Press (2011)


ARCHIVE - Sculpture - The Ringwall - images (2013)


ARCHIVE VI - (Not yet released)




ARCHIVE - EBS News-blog archive



































Excerpts from the ARCHIVE project.