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The Minister of Art is trying to find new ways to encourage introduction of art in the world - or vice versa.


The artistic work has in fact no actual purpose.


However, there is this pressing interest in pursuing the examination of the different layers of the reality, its metaphysical aspects, and consequently what it means to be a human with mind, memory, identity and history - and how this relates to how we relate to the mental and physical reality of the world around us. 


It is also hard to disregard the analysis and research of, as well as the crusade against, the boredom of everyday-life and the tyranny of consistency... and the Minister is dead serious about bringing humor into the Artworld.


All of the above eventually led the Ministry of Art into a path to commence a thorough Global Investigation.




Fredrik Axwik, a.k.a Minister of Art

Sebbarp, Sweden - September 2009