Ministry of Art & Jump

Global Investigations








Since the start The Ministry of Art & Jump has examined and investigated the world around us. The goal is to find ways to encourage the introduction of art in the world - or vice versa.


The Ministry of Art & Jump is very much interested in examining how we relate to the mental and physical reality of the world around us. Furthermore The Ministry aspires to analyse, research and overcome the boredom of everyday-life and the tyranny of consistency. The Ministry is working with the concept of repetition as a cumulative principle, and plays with the perceptions of reality.


A major ambition is to pursue the examination of the different layers of the reality, its metaphysical aspects, and consequently what it means to be a human - with mind, memory, identity and history. Humanity is much more complex than we actually believe, or think of on a daily basis - or even what first meets the eye. We live very much in a global culture, lacking integrated values or ethics. An obvious example is the human that gladly eats meat, but rather have someone else doing the actual killing. There are many other examples saturating our whole culture in regards of politics, judicial system, religion and so on, right down to the core of our world. Be it the inner world or the world around us...


Ponderings over such matters has led to a desire to formulate a comprehensive answer, a general guideline, an overall approach to inquire into Life, The World, The Reality and The Human Psyche. This general guideline manages questions like "Where is the future?", "What is Art?", "What is the meaning of life?", as well as considering how the present present relates to the past future - and the future past. 


For a longer time the Ministry was looking for a collected concept in which all this could be achieved - which have led to formulate an overall explanation (or strategy, if you like) for the Ministry. It was finally summarized in the concept 'Global Investigations'. These investigations can be experienced through different Ministerial activities covered - more or less - by the following: 

























HopArt as a Global Investigation.