Ministry of Art and Jump

A short introduction
The Ministry of Art is and will always try to find new ways to encourage introduction of art in Ladonia and the rest of the world. This might involve any type or practice of art and even such sublime things as artful or artistic ways of doing just about anything.
There is no limit for the Ministry of Art & Jump.
The Minister of Art will also do anything and all in his power to create and introduce art in and outside Ladonia by himself.

As a matter of fact, a great new art project by the Minister of Art was introduced in July 2002 which started a lifelong, worldwide tour of "HopArt". This also meant that the Ministry of Art applied for in the Ladonia Cabinet and changed the name of the Ministry to "The Ministry of Art and Jump", hence the name of the ministry.

We chose the term "jump" instead of the term "Hop" to avoid confusion as to involvement in beer ingredients, which is not the case, we might ad.

Ladonia is a Free State that proclaimed itself a free nation in 1996. One could argue that the country has its origin in the Artist Lars Vilks Land art projects ”Nimis” (Latin – ”too much”) and Arx (Latin – ”fortress”). These two colossal sculptures are erected without permit on a remote part of a nature reserve on Kullabergs northeast stony shores. The battle about Arx and Nimis has rolled through the court system of Sweden during 20 years and has gone through the District Court and the Court of Civil and Criminal Appeal.

The introduction of HopArt means little jumps for the Minister but giant leaps for mankind, Ladonia and the Art world.

The Ministry has, among other things, instituted a date in the Ladonian almanac - the 18th of July - to be “The Day of Artful Jumps” and a new national sport, namely “Stone Race”.