About the artist and exhibition


Intentions with "Bodylanguage"


  The basic idea with the exhibition is to show the feelings occurring between two people in a meeting that goes on to a relationship. I wanted to catch, in short glimpse of heaven and hell, the different moments and experienced feelings in a meeting between two individuals, but showing this without the revealing expression of the face. This is the reason why I choose to call this "Bodylanguage".

These pictures are not erotic in the sense that it is the goal. It is a series of pictures to be looked upon as a whole. They are showing a meeting between two persons and the relationship their meeting form. So of course there's eroticism, but that's not the whole point of it. There is frustrated waiting, boredom, hope, expectations, happiness, joy, passion, doubt, anger, hate and all those feelings people have and acquire for each other over time.

This is a universal story, it can be any two persons, and that's why I used several different models.

Take your time to explore the picture in the order they follow in the Exhibition and recognize the different feelings that the silent but oh so expressive and ever-present bodylanguage pronounce.

Artist Background

Fredrik Larsson is a swedish artist and "Bodylanguage" is his first publicly known exhibition. His background involving professional contact with web and multimedia is the reason for why he chooses to expose his exhibition on-line. Fredrik is also a freelancing journalist and a closet-author with none published material (so far) and has for instance been working as a copywriter, fineart artist, technical illustrator, technical editor, freelance writer, carbuilder and chauffeur.
His interest in art spans over many areas where photo is but one technique. His engagements involve a ministry of Art in Ladonia. You can visit Ladonia on


The pictures can be ordered and shipped to you picture by picture. Be sure to leave your name and address and which pictures you want to purchase. All prices are per item and will be sent as COD, allow 3-5 weeks for delivery depending on your own location. Other arrangements can be organized, please feel free to send e-mail to inquire.

The sizes are in metric centimeters: 13x18, 15x22, 20x30, 35x50 and 50x75

(corresponds approximately to 5x7", 6x9", 8x12", 14x20" and 20x30"). Prizes depend on size, and does not include framing, shipping or handling.

Price examples: 65 SEK (13x18), 85 SEK (15x22), 150 SEK (20x30), 300 SEK (35x50), 600 SEK (50x75)