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During its first decade The Ministry has produced and carried out a few projects. Some just happened to create themselves... and one example is the Eslöv Biennale. It was born out of sheer necessity and desperation. It all started with plans for contribution in a local art-festival. But when all preparations was made and over 40 artists was involved the realization that the festival was cancelled came as a cold shower. What to do? The only thing to do was to let the show go on. We started an own venue and appointed it "Biennale".


The thing about Eslöv is that the town has a bad reputation as "the most boring town in Sweden". The term "Eslöv Biennale" is somewhat of a contradiction in terms. It became obvious and natural that Eslöv needed and had to have a Biennale. It was almost self-evident. If Venice can have one, why couldn't Eslöv? Nowadays all cities seems to have a Biennale (Moscow also had their first Biennale in 2005). One thing about a first time around when it comes to Biennales, is it allowed to call it a Biennale the first time? Biennale means "Biannual" so is it first at the second time it really is a Biennale? Nowadays the question has became only of academic interest, Eslöv has a Biennale and we are going towards the next one.



ESLÖV BIENNALE 2005 (EB05) - Website removed - Pictures


ESLÖV BIENNALE 2007 (EB07)  - Website - Pictures


ESLÖV BIENNALE 2009 (EB09) - Postponed












"Art-Nite" at EB05.





"Erased Muhammed" at EB07.