Minister of Art and Jump

The Minister of Art & Jump became a citizen of Ladonia in 1998 and shortly after joining the country he felt he wanted to contribute more. Of course he wasn't a Minister when he first joined. From the start he was just a common citizen. It was only later he thought he could contribute to the country. Thus he applied for a Ministry (Ministry of Art) and was accepted by the Ladonia Cabinet. It was in 1999 he made his first tangible effort as Minister of Art. That was as assitant to the State Secretary Vilks while erecting a sculpture in the south of Sweden.

Much of the Ministers current work is presented in the Ministry. As a member of the Ladonia Cabinet the Minister is in constant session (day and night year around - 24/7 to use the parlance of our time) together with the other Ladonian ministers.

As a Minister of the Ladonian Cabinet you choose your own ministry and apply for it. The other Ministers of the Cabinet (including President, Queen and Secretary of State) take the application under revision and decide whether the Minister get the Ministry or not. The rule of thumb is of course that the Ministry doesn’t already exist and that Ladonia have anything to gain from the minister/ ministry. There was no Ministry of Art and it was exactly what Mr Axwik (then Larsson) felt was right for him and that it was a terrible shortage for Ladonia in lacking such a ministry. Gladly (and obviously) the Cabinet agreed on all points in the arguments and appointed Mr Axwik the Ministry that three years later became “Eternalized”. This means that The Minister never can get fired; consequently it also means that the Minister can never quit... So it’s quite an undertaking and a big responsibility and at the same time very broadminded and bold from the Cabinets side.

The Minister of Art introduced a new art project in July 2002: "HopArt". The Minister started in that project a lifelong performance and worldwide tour of protest-jumps. This meant that the Ministry of Art was extended to "The Ministry of Art and Jump". During 2002 The Minister of Art & Jump also received the honorary title “Eternal” and was appointed “Cultural Attaché” by the Ladonian Cabinet.

In 2007 the Minister of Art & Jump went through with a non-bloody coup d'état and was from then (November 2007) the President of Ladonia, or at least the Temporary President of Ladonia. So far so good...